Shaytaan is a crafty enemy, he is keen to misguide people and to make them doubt. The more you seek the help of Allah, learn about your enemy and be prepared to face him, the more you will be victorious over him.

Shaytaan or Iblees?

Shaytaan is being referred to as Iblees, sometimes, in the Quran. The term Iblees إِبْلِيس‎ may have been derived from the Arabic verbal root ب-ل-س  (with the broad meaning of “remain in grief”) or بَلَسَ  (balasa, “he despaired”). Furthermore, the name is related to talbis meaning confusion. The name “Iblees” means “One who has lost hope”, in the case of iblees he lost hope of Allaah’s Mercy hence why he became known as Iblees. Some claimed that his name was `Azaazeel. Azaazeel is Hebrew in origin, like the names of the angels, Jibreel, Meekaa’eel etc. The “Eel” part is Hebrew for “Allaah”, “Jibr” means “slave” and “Eel” is “Allaah”, therefore “Jibreel” means “Slave of Allaah“. Imaam At-Tabari Rahimahullaah reports in Jaami`ul Bayaan Fee ta’weelil Qur’aan that `Ikrimah Rahimahullaah said: “’Jibr’ means ‘slave’, ‘Eel’ means ‘Allaah’.” Likewise with `Azaazeel, the “Eel” part means “Allaah”, while “`Azaaz” means “Strengthened”, so “`Azaazeel” means “Strengthened by Allaah“. Imaam Ibn Abiz Zamanayn Rahimahullaah says in Tafseerul Qur’aanil `Azeez: “It has been said that his name was `Azaazeel, but when Allaah cursed him and became angry with him he (Iblees) lost hope in His mercy, that is: He (Iblees) lost hope, so He named him “Iblees”.”  What the mufassirin (Quranic exegetists) have quoted from a group of the salaf (righteous predecessors), such as Ibn ‘Abbas and others, that he was one of the noblest of the angels, one of the keepers of Paradise, and that he controlled the affairs of the first heaven, and that his name was ‘Azazeel is all taken from the Israliyyat (reports narrated from Jewish sources) and is not reliable.

Iblis or Iblees is the devil, the Shaytaan. Iblees, as mentioned, is a Jinn. Jinn are beings who exist on earth just as we do, yet we cannot perceive them. They are part of the unseen. The devils (or demons) among the Jinns are called Shayateen (plural for Shaytaan). This is why you can call Iblees Shaytaan, but you cannot refer to any particular Shaytaan as Iblees. While the Shayateen themselves are all disbelievers, not all disbelievers are Shayateen.

The dispute as to whether Iblis was originally an angel whom Allah changed into a devil, or whether he was not originally an angel but was included in the word malaikah (angels) because he had joined them and worshipped Allah with them, is a well-known dispute among the scholars. A number of scholars were of the opinion that Iblis was not originally one of the angels, rather he was one of the jinn, but he used to worship Allah with them, so he was called by their name because he followed them, just as an ally of a tribe may be given their name. Q66:6, Q21:27, Q18:50

To be cont….inshaa Allaah

May Allaah grant us understanding and protect us from accursed Shaytaan and his allies.



Alhamdulillaah wasalatu wasalaam ‘ala rasulillah

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‘Eid comes and people are in two conditions

‘Eid comes and people are in two conditions;

Some are happy whilst some are not happy.

A Baby is bragging grinning with ‘Eid gown

But the poor one is swirling with grief.

Hey, extend humanitarian aid to us (the poor) for us to wear clothe as well

May Allah reward those who give charity – Dr Wail J.

May Allah grant us understanding